Lightning Fast Queries in Neo4j

A fast, efficient, and one-of-a-kind data API for a premiere energy company.

Growth Challenges

A premier global energy company, whose products help maintain reliable energy grids and commercial, institutional, and industrial organizations make better energy decisions through on-demand access to real-time energy data had some challenges as the business grew.

Their current platform was fast, but as usage increased, it was clear that changes would be needed to make it even faster.

Fast Data

We began by exploring their logs in Splunk to determine calls to the API most often utilized ranked by the slowest average reponse time. With that information, we investigated where to make changes to speed things up, starting with 2 API endpoints.

Following architecture, code, and database changes, there were some dramatic improvements:

For endpoints averaging 10s of millions of calls per month, these decreases in response time are critical.

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Photo by American Public Power Association on Unsplash